Hold another stretcher in place at the level of the bottom

A little bit different from what i said before but also very useble for al kinds of things. The doormat from fire hose i made in this technic. I really like the idea, and since I have an old inner tube I’d like to try it soon. Hold another stretcher in place at the level of the bottom shelf in the rear and attach it using 2 screws into the side of each leg. Attach to the 2×4 stretcher with a screw into each corner.Measure the top work surface for length and cut the 2 pieces from the other half of the plywood. The pictured saw has a 2 3/4″ table height so we added a single layer of 3/4″ plywood to bring it level to the work surface.»Place your miter saw in the center of the middle shelf with the handle sticking out the front for easy movement and then attach using long screws or lag bolts depending on the size of your mounting holes.»One concern would be the plane of the saw bas relative to those of the tables at either side.

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