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4 points submitted 2 days agoCities are always editing themselves taking away deficient structures, and replacing them with better built, and hopefully more beautiful architecture. When buildings are placed with new buildings that are designed to improve the overall composition of the city, those edits are generally good the aim is in creating a harmonious whole. Cities like Paris and Rome are beautiful today as a result of cheap moncler those selective edits. Even changing styles and tastes were able to maintain a unity of character contributing to the larger whole, which served to enliven these places. There are plenty of streets in places like Chicago and New York where townhouses are built cheek to jowl vacillating among moncler outlet Romanesque, Gothic, Victorian, Georgian, or Beaux arts animating the streetscape.Nobody cheap moncler sale protested cheap moncler jackets the moncler sale replacement of old Grand Central Station with the new one. However, the demolition of Old Penn Station for the new stadium sparked a preservation movement to halt further maladies. We seen similar edits occuring in our cities since WWII the aim is no longer toward a harmonious whole, but instead the creation of disparate objects that stand apart through contrast, collage, or collision. The edits now have been out of character, and serve to deaden our cities. 6 points submitted 2 days agoI a sucker for the Pantheon. Its an odd collision of two dissimilar typologies that required innovative thinking to combine. The problem of the portico is an adjustment worked out during construction when the original shafts were lost or damaged during transit, which gives good insight into the design judgement of the Romans. The attic story of the interior is something that baffled later architects who proposed various schemes to correct it the perceived faults, eventually executing one except for a fragment. It became a source of frequent emulation by many architect, and a measuring stick for a civilization progress. Its an imperfect structure, but one that offers so much to learn from.Artists or artisans would be responsible for taking the drawings of the architect and developing a maquette in clay or plaster. This may be a smaller version of a larger sculpture. It would be in collaboration with the architect who reviews it against the design drawings. Very large projects may have many artists working on it.Sculptors or carvers would be responsible for executing the artists maquette in stone or wood. Today this is aided by machines for dimensional cut stone. The Piccirilli Brothers worked in this capacity of executing in stone the work of artists. 2 points submitted 15 days agoI’ve known some offices to use this title in different ways. Sometimes as the person in charge of the design efforts on projects, others where this person is in charge of the management of the project. Other offices, this title is for someone higher up the office heirarchy.AIA has a salary calculator that lists position descriptions, but moncler outlet sale doesn’t list ‘Project Architect’. I also like how pairing them as two dominant parts the character as more of a fabric/background building where a central dominant element might have too close to a formal or civic character.I think the projecting bays could be sometime more. This will help reinforce the depth you’ve intended with the design. This can also be pushed further by how you modulate the lineweights using lightly heavier lines on shadow casting parts, and slightly lighter lines where light is received. If I can find a good example, I’ll edit the comment to link an image. 1 point submitted 18 days agoI agree with everything said here, cheap moncler coats but will add that after you sketched or modeled several solutions, the selection is done not just with the programmatic functions in mind, but also how the solution will also addresses the site.For example, a building that sits on a cliff overlooking a great view to one moncler outlet online side will have program where views are desired grouped to that moncler outlet store side, and the more functional program grouped to the other side. Or in a city, there may be an important street where you place the entry, as well as rooms that should overlook that street, and functional program towards the back or side entrance. In both those examples, the parti/concept selection is driven by site context. A centrally planned strategy will moncler mens jackets be a poor response in those examples.There is also an additional layer, which is precedent. Cities have architectural characteristics common cheap moncler outlet to each place houses might be set back with porches in one city, or come directly to the street in another. Institutional buildings might be treated as detached, and have steps/ramps to the main level, or imbedded in the fabric rendered with a different scale of openings and quality materials. Other aspects of the local architecture become apparent when precedent is studied materials, proportions, scale, ordering, hierarchies, ornament, etc. Studying precedent analogous to yours within the region and locality will make apparent the local character. Using that knowledge to monlcer down jackets inform the design will help take your concept/parti from being a response moncler sale outlet to site conditions functions, to a design that is site specific responding to the place.The topic here is the modern city within the classical tradition that runs back almost three millennia. In this tradition the good city imitates the order, harmony, and proportionality of nature, which is the same source that is imitated by an architecture that seeks beauty as a compliment to the good and understands that architecture is a civic art.Today architecture is considered a fine art and the buy moncler jackets architect a creative artist who obeys the irresistible influences of the Zeitgeist to make a building that is «of its time» while fulfilling the demands of the client. This scheme absolves the architect for what he produces.

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