This is because their skulls (unlike

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buy canada goose jacket But make no mistake this is a species with one thing on its mind every time its enclosure is opened: food!The canada goose outlet online uk last part sounds a bit like Hili! I ask Greg to comment about this incident and the snake swallowing abilities.Comments by Greg: Snakes are famous for their ability, unlike most other animals, to eat things bigger than their heads. This is because their skulls (unlike, say, ours) have many points of mobility: their jaws (both upper and lower) are not sutured to one another in front, allowing them, especially the lower, to gape very widely; the upper jaw is only loosely attached to the braincase; each jaw has multiple bones that can move relative to one another; and the quadrate bone of the skull, canada goose outlet florida upon which the lower jaw articulates, can move relative canada goose jacket outlet uk to the rest of the skull. When feeding, a snake its jaws over the prey, alternately moving the right then left sides forward on the prey, with the recurved teeth preventing the prey canada goose outlet in montreal from slipping or pulling out of the mouth. buy canada goose jacket

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